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Spa Sante Montreal - Mini Facial Treatment
Mini Facial Treatment

that incorporates all of the basic elements of facial to cleanse, detoxify, tone and nourish the skin.

30 min. $35.00

Spa Sante Montreal - Lavender Scrub
Lavender Scrub

This detoxifying scrub keeps skin in optimum condition leaving skin soft and smooth with a healthy glow.

60 min. $65.00

Spa Sante Montreal - Paraffin Treatment
Paraffin Treatment

Warms up stiff joints, smooths and stretches your skin. Gentle massage makes your hands smooth and velvety.

30 min. $20.00

Spa Sante Montreal - Swedish Massage
Swedish Massage

Good for relaxation and stress relief. Improves circulation and joint movements. Therapeutic for diminishing muscle tensions.

60 min. $59.00

Spa Sante Montreal - Hot Stones Massage
Hot Stones Massage

Deep tissue massage using elements of Swedish massage and the therapeutic power of hot stones..

60 min. $69.00

Spa Sante Montreal - Thai Herbal Massage
Thai Herbal Massage

Uses elements of Swedish massage, loni-loni, stretching and Thai massage. Achieves rejuvenation and detoxification with the use of heated Thai herbs.

90 min. $110.00

Spa Sante Montreal - Cranial - Sacral Massage
Cranial - Sacral Massage

Gentle but powerfully profound healing of physical and psychological diseases. Balancing central nervous system by working on crane,neck, spine and sacrum.

60 min. $59.00

Spa Sante Montreal - Chair Massage
Chair massage

Client is dressed, sitting in a chair and receiving 10-30 minutes treatment concentrating on neck, back, shoulders and hands tensions. Applicable at home or in a work environment.

30 min. $30.00

Spa Sante Montreal - Reflexology

Manipulation of reflex points on feet and hands to detect imbalances in the organs and normalizes metabolism naturally.

60 min. $69.00

Spa Sante Montreal - Reiki

Complementary therapy when giving healing energy through the palms of your hands.

60 min. $49.00